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A Variety Of Herbal Recipes For Treatment Of Various Diseases Of The Dates

Date palm fruit is reputed to be rich in health benefits and healing various diseases. In addition to being eaten, dates turn out to be blended into some herbal prescription medication for the treatment of beerbagai diseases and health disorders. Among therecipes according to Rostita (2009) is as follows.

1. a recipe for dengue fever
• Provide 500 g 5 dates and cups of water and blend until smooth.
• Drink juice dates as much as one glass each hour during the day. Usually when the juice runs out of dates of platelets with DBD will be normal again.
2. prescriptions for Diarrhea
• Make a sort of pasta by way of brewing some of the fruit of the date palm with a littleboiling water. Destroy by pressing dates using a spoon.
• Gain some honey and then drink 3 times a day.
3. a recipe for fevers, colds, sore throats and dizziness
• Drink water or a paste of dates dates.
• Steeping dates made by way of watering some fruit kurna with boiling water in a glass. During the warm, paste of dates was drunk during complaint pain felt.
• Pasta dates itself is made by cooking methods dates with boiling water and mashed.
4. recipes for Insomnia
• Make the juice of dates as you make juice other fruits.
• Drink every time before going to bed.
5. recipe for Lacking Vitality and vibrant
• Provide the 15 grams of fruit kelengkeng and 6 grams of a pickled dates. Thensteamed together.
• Then eat one time a day.
6. a recipe for Increasing Stamina
• Cook dates in glasses to a boil and submerged.
• Add milk to taste.
• Add honey to taste so everything feels a bit sweet.
• Drink each time sleep.
7. a recipe for neutralizing the Alcohol (Hangover Cure)
• destroy the fruit of the date palm.
• Then mix it with boiling water.
• Drink water when it is warm. Because it will eliminate the toxins and the influence of alcohol.
8. recipes for intestinal worms
• Do I eat every morning some grain dates while the empty stomach (not to eat anything).
9. a recipe for inflammatory bowel disease
• Provide a 9 high quality Palm fruit and deseeded. Then they are soaked in hot water.
• Once warm, mash with 500 ml of milk is high in calcium.
• Drink a glass, and store the rest in the fridge. Do until healed.
10. a recipe for stomach pain
• Cook some of the fruit of the date palm with water hot, then puree and mixed withcow's milk or goat's milk original is fresh.
• Drink twice a day.
11. recipes for Constipation
• Soak the dates in water overnight.
• Drink water in the morning to be smooth bowel movements.
12. a prescription for Treating swollen Feet
• destroy seeds and dates.
• Then apply on a swollen foot.
13. a prescription for Cough children
• Dried mashed Dates and add milk.
• Drink until fully recovered.
14. a prescription for a drug intestinal worms
• Palm Seeds and pulp wood, plus a kind of sugarcane juice, boiled, then strained anddrunk.
• This herb can quickly expel worms in the belly.
15. a prescription for Medicine Sneeze
• Apply the juice of dates to the nostrils.
16. a recipe for Hair fertilizer efficacious
• Please provide the dates, seeds, bones, nails the ass, and the oil or fat is boiled.
• Water can be used as hair oil.
17. the prescription of Treating diarrhea and Dental Pain
• Trdisional Community in India treating diarrhea with SAP coming out of a Palm treebranches broken off. While the roots of Palms used to treat toothache.
That's the range of herbal recipe that can be made from the date Palm for the treatment of various diseases. [herbal doctor]

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