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Camel's Milk Vs. Cow's Milk, Which Is Superior?

So far we know if cow's milk is milk that is rich in deposits of its nutrition value. So the Government was recommending to the public for dairy consumption as frequent drinkshealth and supporting the growth of the child. Many companies also offer it into milkcans. But the question is, which one is superior to the camel's milk and its nutrition value content?

Camel milk is more nutritious than cow's milk because milk is lower in fat andcholesterol, but rich in potassium, iron, and other minerals such as sodium and magnesium. It is stated in a document presented at the Conference the 5thInternational food safety in Dubai, in the Dubai International Convention and ExhibitionCenter some time ago.

Even in that document it is written that the camel is an important part of the traditionand culture of Arabia, where milk is an important food component in the Emirate andother Arab countries. The document entitled Standards for Camel Milk and presented by Fatima Abdul Rahman, a leader in the laboratory of Food Microbiology ExpertCenter of Dubai, in the municipality of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). According toFatima, today, camel milk is very important for the survival of human beings in many other countries. There are 18 million camels in the world, which supports the survival ofhumans in the area half arid.

Fatima said, camel milk typically has a sweet flavor and crisp, but sometimes the milk ittasted salty and while others seemed watery. In addition, the quality of the milk is influenced by the number of camels, the animal, the age of the animal is lactatinglevels, the quality and amount of food, as well as the amount of water available. He also says that camel milk is a rich source of protein with protection activities and potentialanti-microbial properties. Turns out, most proteins not found in cow's milk, or foundonly a little. Camel milk does not need to be cooked to a boil like cow milk or goat.Camel milk, which is rich in flavor, it should be taken slowly to allow your stomachDigest.

Fatima then compare the composition of milk cow's milk with a camel through a comparison of some of the research results. According to him, all the studies show thatthe fat content in milk of camels units is 1.8 per cent-3.8 percent. Vitamin C and niacinis much higher on a camel's milk. Different vitamin and protein in milk of camels.However, the amount of lactose in milk of camels with lactose in cow's milk. Camel milkcontains less vitamin A, B2, folic acid, and panthonthenic acid as compared to cow's milk, which can be viewed unfavourably on the composition of milk of camels.

This was confirmed by other sources of data, that camel's milk is much more nutritiousthan cow's milk. According to the data of the food and Agriculture Organization (FAO),one glass of milk a camel is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C has three times more, and 10times more iron than cow's milk. FAO also mentioned the camel milk has calciumdeposits seven-fold more than sardines.

In addition, the camel's milk has a longer lifespan compared to other types of milk, including cow's milk. This is due to several special arrangement and powerful. These findings have great significance for human beings that live in the desert area, place the cooling installation is not available. The value of lactoferrin and immunoglobullin is estimated to be somewhat higher at camel's milk compared to that reported in cow's milk.

So, it's been an unprecedented u which is better between the camel's milk vs. cow's milk? So, don't be dismayed and doubt to consume the milk of camels. [herbal doctor]

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