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How to Use gratus For Diabetes Herbal Medicine

Gratus is known as a powerful herbal medicine to treat diabetes. These animals tumpuh and stay around the house yard very easily searched and found. Although located sekedat it with us, but we often do not know turns gratus very efficacious for treating diabetes. If you already know about these benefits, but most of us do not know how to use gratus as medicine. How do I use gratus as herbal medicine diabetes?
There are several ways of use gratus as diabetes medicine. Including the following:
1. Created juice can be mixed with bananas. Provide approximately 3 to 5 mice gratus and one banana. Gratus washed and prepare a peeled banana. Once the material is ready, then blenderlah both with a little water. After that, the drink just twice a week.
2. In addition to making juice, gratus also be ingested directly. The trick, wash first 3-5 gratus tail. After being washed, the input into the drinking water in the glass. Drinking water can be drunk directly.
3. In addition to the above two ways, there are also other ways, namely by mouth with a capsule. The trick, buy empty capsules and gratus washed alive inserted into the capsule. The capsules have been filled with gratus can directly drink. [herbal doctor]

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