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Coconut water helps Heal Chikungunya, cholera, dysentery and Typhoid

Benefits of coconut water actually has long been known by the community as having high nutrition drinks and good for the health of the body. However, the benefits of coconut water as chikungunya fever otab not long ago known. If we look at Indonesia, the chikungunya fever attack are categorized as remarkable incident has occurred several times. To date there has been no specific vaccine and treatment for this disease. Until some time ago two doctors India claimed that coconut water is the answer for the disease chikungunya fever is terrifying, and various other diseases.

According to the two doctors, although the coconut water is not to cure the disease, but coconut water can help patients recover more quickly. While proficient in natural science Dilip Kumar and Jagdev Singh, President of the Malaysian Dietary Supplement, said that coconut water is good for a number of diseases such as cholera, dysentery and typhoid. People in India have long recognized the goodness of coconut oil, which is medically proven to have anti-bacterial components and anti-fungal.

While a leading newspaper, The New Sunday Times reported that doctors in China suggest patients chikungyunya drinking coconut water. In support of the Chinese prescription, both researchers at the top mentioning that there is no vaccine for the virus which causes the chikungunya, which has symptoms that are similar to the fever, joint pain, fatigue, and thrush.

This was confirmed by Jadgev Singh who said that coconut water is very helpful for those who are having fever chikungunya because very good in liver, detoxifies the organs that help control the body temperature. According to him, the virus causes the disease develops in the heart during a certain time period. Because the liver is an organ that can take benefits of coconut water, then the virus is inside will be depressed by the presence of this coconut water.

Indeed during this time, it's hard to find a cure for this disease. When the virus is already in the system, the virus will still be there. This virus will act at the right moment. But the coconut water will help in controlling or suppressing the virus. While Dr. Dilip Kumar said that coconut water has a high potassium content and various other minerals. This water can help cure diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid and other.

Thus, chikungunya disease, cholera, dysentery, and typhoid can just diligently assisted recovery consume coconut water. Consuming coconut water on a regular basis when he was stricken with some of the above diseases, can help the body to heal itself from the attack of his illness. Whereas, if consumed on a regular basis for those who are not healthy or sick, then coconut water helps maintain the health of your body.

So, multiply drinking coconut water in order to stay awake for health and freshness of your body. [dh]

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