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Coconut Water Is Effective In Resolving Kidney Stones

You have a kidney stone? You don't need to worry about and go to the doctor for these health problems can be addressed with simple way i.e. the coconut water therapy. How do I do it?

Kidney stone disorder can be cured by consuming coconut water every day, either burned or taken in agroforests. The research results of Dr. Eugenio Macalalag, a urologist from the Chinese General Hospital and the National Kidney Institute, Philippines, pointed out that coconut water is very effective therapies to dissolve kidney stones. Coconut water can break the stone or urinary stones kidney stones. If the Kidney stone is broke or if it will come out with the urine.

This is because coconut water is effective as a diuretic, which is spending to make way for urine. As a natural diuretic that sterile mounted a young coconut water, urine and help clean up the urinary tract. This nutritious substances emit toxins from the body and prevent urinary tract infections, including kidney stones.

What is a kidney stone?
Kidney stones are referred to as Nephrolithiasis or renal calculi. Kidney stones is a State of one or more stones in the pelvis or calyces of the renal tract or in the ureter. The formation of kidney stones can occur in any part of the urinary tract, but usually formed on the two parts most in the kidneys, which is in the vase of the kidney (renal pelvis) and calix left. The rock can be formed from calcium, phosphate, or a combination of uric acid normally dissolves in urine.

During these kidney stones have a variety of sizes, which can be single or double. Living stones in the kidney or vase can get into the ureter and kidney tissues can be damaging. A large stone would damage the network or result in obstruction with pressure so that occur on the flow of liquid. This disease can cause pain, bleeding, urinary flow obstruction or infection. In addition, most kidney stones can occur over and over again.

What Causes Kidney Stones?
Cases of kidney stones are found in 1 out of 1,000 people, is usually more plentiful in males (aged 30-50 years) than females. Also encountered in certain areas. Although not known for certain the cause of kidney stones, chances are when the urine becomes too concentrated, and the existing substances in the urine form crystals in the rock. Another cause is an infection, the presence of obstruction (blockage), excess hormone secretion parasitoids, renal tubule acidosis on, increased levels of uric acid (usually in conjunction with an inflammation of the joints), damage the metabolism of several types of materials in the body, too much use of vitamin D or calcium-consuming too much.

How Do Symptoms?
Although large and the location of the stone varies, the pain caused by an obstruction are the main symptoms. A large stone with a rough surface that goes into the ureters will increase the frequency of ureteral contractions and force automatically. The pain starts from the waist down to my hips, then to the external genitalia. Pain intensity fluctuates and the pain that is the culmination of extraordinary pain.

If the stone is in the kidney and in the vase of calix, the pain settled and less intensitasnya. Pain occurs when the stones held in obstruction in the kidney. Meanwhile, severe pain in the abdomen occurs when the stone had been moved into the ureter. Nausea and vomiting always follow a heavy pain. Kidney stone sufferers sometimes suffer from heat, cold, blood in the urine when stones injuring ureters, stomach distensi, pus in the urine.

That's the remarkable benefits of coconut water, is very effective at destroying the kidney stones. [dh]

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