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Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Very Effectively Increase Good Cholesterol

The number of benefits contained in this coconut oil for health and a lot of its utilization continue to be developed until now. By making it a pure coconut oil (virgin coconut oil/VCO). Until recently many dealt with pure coconut oil because of improved health. Experts began to keen on examining the contents of the VCO and the relation to human health.

According to some references, VCO is made from fresh coconut meat. The manufacturing process is done in low temperatures. How to make it, the meat of the coconut fruit is squeezed and heated santannya with low temperature. Next do the fermentation process, cooling, addition of enzymes, and mechanical pressure or centrifugation. The process of making pure coconut oil is absolutely do not use a chemical solvent and organic oils. From such a process, the resulting oil soft taste with typical coconut scent that is unique. If it freezes, the color white is pure coconut oil. And if VCO liquid, colorless (clear).

The benefits of coconuts has indeed been known since long. Indonesia Society used to use coconut water to treat fevers, the antidote to the poison, and neutralize poisons due to the drug. In fact, the inhabitants of the Pacific Islands to have a healthy body and teeth are strong because they are accustomed to eating by using the coconut. Some experts believe, consume foods containing coconut provides several benefits. Among other low cholesterol levels, health body awake, prevent the disease issue, and so on. While the pure coconut oil (VCO) is also believed to have a number of benefits to safeguard human health. This is because the fatty acid content is quite high.

However, the efficacy of the benefits of coconut oil, there is one benefit that is through research. That is, research conducted on 15 patients HIV San Lazaro Hospital in Manila. As written Arancon (2000), the patients were given a pure monolaurin in coconut oil or capsule form and are divided into three groups. Patients in the first group was given high-dose, in the form of monolaurin capsules containing monolaurin 7.2 g three times a day or 21.6 g/day. Patients in the second group were given a low dose of monolaurin, which were given capsules containing 2.4 g monolaurin three times a day or 7.2 g/day. Patients on a third group was given a coconut oil 15 ml three times a day or 45 ml/day.

After 6 months of treatment, 9 of the 15 patients are undergoing improvements to attack HIV, which is characterized by a decrease in the amount of the HIV virus. Of these patients, 9 person 2 person consumes 7.2 g capsules containing monolaurin, 4 people consuming capsules containing 2.4 g monolaurin, and 3 consuming coconut oil.

Other studies done to the population who lived on one of the Islands in the Pacific that its oil comes from coconut. In the study showed total cholesterol and good kolestrol (high density lipoprotein, HDL cholestrol) increases ferocious and cholesterol (low density lipoprotein, LDL cholestrol) decreased. In the other group who migrated to New Zealand and occasionally consuming coconut oil, it turns good cholesterol kolestrol and total is increasing, while the wicked is cholesterol decreases. Another study done by Kurup and Raj Mohan against 24 people volunteers fed meats coconuts and coconut oil has turned out a total of kolestrol and increased both kolestrol (Anonymous 2002).

David Allorerung, et al. (2008) also presents the results of other research related to the health benefits of coconut oil. A research carried out in India show that cardiovascular attacks on the island of Nicobar Islands is very low, because the residents who lived on the island are consuming coconut. Same is the case with the population in the island of Lashadeveep who consume meat coconuts and coconut oil as a food oil, apparently his heart disease cases is very low. Has been known to also use coconut oil as one of formula feeding babies can help increase absorption of calcium. [dh]

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