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Palm sugar and coconut shell Effective Heal Diabetes

The coconut turns very potent for treating diabetes. The coconut is effective for healing diabetes is part of Shell petrol and a coconut sugar (brown sugar). How scientific explanation and how to make an herbal concoction of coconut shell for healing diabetes?

It originated from a news published at the Pacific News Center. The source reported that a type of coconut sugar has leapt in Guam and are known to have health benefits that are better for diabetics than sugar cane. At the time of the presentation of the pemeriksaaan Association of Guam in Meskla Diabetes with the value $2, 867.23, President of Pacific Rim Brokers, Pete Sgro said that his company was supporting a product called "Benevita Cocosugar".

Sgro said that he brought the example of the Philippines to Guam and receive input from both the diabetics and non-diabetics also. The proof, some patients who use this product in a certain time reported that the decrease in insulin levels which are used by them. Sgro himself is currently working closely with Diabetes Association of Guam to see if happening trend. He also wants to improve the lifestyle of 40 thousand diabetics in Guam.

According to the coconut sugar from Sgro has many benefits. Where Palm sugar is not storing sugar in our body. So the product is beneficial not just for diabetics alone but rather more. This is according to Sgro when compared to the obesity sufferer when consuming excessive sugar from sugar cane thus would accumulate in fat. But if someone has a low Glycemic Index, with the person's Palm sugar would not hoard fat in her body. In addition Sgro added that sugar from coconuts has more nutrients than sugar and contain low density lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol.

While the benefits of coconut shell can cure diabetics is an experience. At a place in Indonesia there is a sufferer of diabetes for 3 years. Then cured for trying alternative medicine obtained from the Dayak tribes in Central Kalimantan.

The coconut shell processed in such a way as a medicinal herb to treat diabetes. How do I make it?

1. coconut shell (endocarp) required not specified number. However the information experience more or less the size of one or two coconut. The use of coconut shell that is old (usually old Brown).
2. Husk (mesocarp) is still attached to be cleaned first with a knife or other tool, then washed it clean with plain water. Clean the husk of the shell is not difficult, but requires patience. Because it is quite time consuming to shell completely clean from the husk attached.
3. after the clean shell, then boiled with the use of a pot made of clay. Pan from aluminum should not be used due to merebusnya long enough. So feared is likely to unravel aluminiumnya elements into the water boiled.
4. much of the water used is Pan-sized alumnium. Important all shell immersed in water. The water is a lot more would be better. Boiling water after stopped shell stew became more or less a third.
5. Water decoction drunk after cold or still warm. Use the large glasses. Time to drink do 3 x 1 a day.
6. replace the shell of yesteryear (that have been used) after 2 or 3 times the stew.

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