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This is a special Concoction of vitality of the Arabs from Camel Milk

In almost every society in the world to have food or drink that is believed to be sexexcites men. The term for food and drink this guy sex passion plants are often calledAprodisiak. In Arabic, Aprodisiak it is the Milk of camels. Camel milk is considered to bea drink that has long been believed to be able to make the mighty man in a bed. How to make it?

Sheikh Nefzawi (1979) explained that there were some special concoctions to evokemale virility in terms of sexual intercourse. Among them is the milk of camels. This herbhas been held to be the Arabian Peninsula hereditary can arouse sexual desire for men.The trick is to intervene with camel milk and honey taken repeatedly. This would makethe mighty men in sexual intercourse. Honey continues to be the best mix forgenerating passion food or drink or adult male virility.

Camel milk does have many nutrient content which is beneficial for the health of the body in General. Health and vitality as a drink, here are some benefits of a camel's milkhas been recognized by the world of Medicine:

Very Healthy For Digestion
It is based on a variety of research conducted by Al Ajami (1994 and 2000), and his partner (1992, 1996, 1998) which found that camel's milk has special characteristics fordigestion. It contain substances that are useful for containing high against deadlybacteria and viruses. In India, camel milk is used as a medicinal endema (edema water),spleen disorders, fungal, TUBERCULOSIS, asthma, anemia, and hemorrhoids. In addition, camel milk is also good for sufferers of chronic liver disease and improve liver function.

In addition, the camel milk can be consumed by the parents of young children, theelderly, and small children. because milk is very important for bone formation. Because it has a low glucose levels, camel milk is suitable for the treatment of diabetes. In fact, the camel milk contains proteins and insulin levels are high. If the milk is consumed, it will be digested from the stomach into the blood without going through the process ofsolving the acid solution to process compared to regular insulin. With this process, the experts are thinking to make human insulin that can be used with eating through the mouth. Even many drug companies are currently trying to produce it.

Curing Hepatitis, Diabetes as well as warding off cancer and Heart
It is originally based on a Hadith of the Prophet, as follows:
Al-Bukhari narrated from Anas-Zubair that a people of Urainah facing the Prophet Muhammad the Prophet said to Them: "we are having problems in Medina. Our stomachs bloated and our wounded limbs. " Then the Prophet ordered them to search for a breeder of camels. Then, they drank camel milk and urine so the stomachkembungnya cured and her skin improved ".

The Hadith above clearly indicate that the camel milk and urine into a cure for some diseases. Flatulence can be caused by inflammation of the large intestine due to inhibit the enzyme or substance to it, or the arrival of hundreds of proteins in the abdominal cavity, known as edema. On the other hand, since in recent years, a number of Arabresearchers in conducting research about the content of the substance in the urine and milk of camels, which is believed to be able to cure a number of diseases.

Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Qassas, a researcher at the University of Umm Al-Qura University,Makkah mejelaskan that camel milk and urine can cure some diseases includinghepatitis, diseases of sugar (diabetes) and skin diseases. According to him, the results ofcutting-edge research has proven that camel milk and urine can cure a number ofdiseases. However it should be noted that treatment depends on the patient's condition. There are only requires urine and there are enough patients with camel milkalone. Most patients need to get treatment with interfacing milk and urine camels.

Al-Qassas also mentioned some other stomach ailments can be cured by animal urineis often also called "safinah al-sahra" (the ships of the desert) of it. He explains in detail the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad. in Islam about the efficacy of urine and milk of camels were reinforced with a variety of research conducted experts not long ago.Among the scholars of Islam have long been collecting hadiths related to tib (medical)and put that in the category of scientific miracles of the Hadith can be confirmedthrough cutting-edge scientific research.

Another explanation is that both of these diseases can be treated by using milk andurine camels, because additional antibody substances contained in milk and urinecamels. This is the secret of healing or repair a variety of ailments such as liverinflammatory disease or hepatitis B and C, some chronic colitis, various kinds of cancersthat are still new, and indigestion.

That's incredible-camel milk virtues for the vitality and our health in General. [herbal doctor]

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