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How does Consuming Ginseng and how the recommended Dose

How to use ginseng can be varied. But according to the type or form of the root, then ways and they also vary. How to cultivate or consuming ginseng is based on the form, as follows.

how does consuming ginseng

How To Eat Ginseng Wet

How to use blender (destroyed)
Before it is processed, the upper part of ginseng should be discarded. Then the water soaked wet ginseng for 10 minutes because of the typically wet ginseng is in somewhat dry. After that, wash the ginseng that has been soaked by using a toothbrush. After that it was only the process mix with a blender. Usually ginseng moist mixed with milk. How, one glass of milk mixed with wet ginseng 25-40 g. This size can be customized to the tastes of each. For example, to reduce the bitter taste of ginger, we can add honey or sugar. The drink is also good to take the children.

How to add honey
Here's how to wash clean up as ginseng is done on how to wash the first recipe above. Then the process of mixing with honey. How to peel, ginseng that has been washed wet. Then the thin-thin sliced ginseng, ginseng, enter it into the bottles that are filled with honey (honey with ginseng Ratio is 1: 5). Then stir with a spoon and cover it well. A mixture of ginseng-honey this is ready to be enjoyed. How can drink it with mixing with water or drink a spoonful after spoonful. If you like, a mixture of ginseng-honey may also add powdered ginseng.

How To Eat Dried Ginseng

Common herb (for workers or students)
The trick is as follows. First enter the dried ginseng 12-20 grams into the pot or slow cooker (electric pot). Then fill in water 1,000 ml water and boil until reduced to 600 ml of drinking water. once cool. Ginseng can be boiled up to 3 times. Don't waste ginseng after boiled once.

For the weak and sick
Here's how the boiled dried ginseng, 20-50 grams of water with 3 liters, 4 grams of ginger, dates are 15-20 grams (4 seeds) until the water is reduced to 1 liter. After it is boiled is poured onto a clean cloth and squeezed. The water can be drunk as a remedy. While the overdose as follows: adults drink water this ginseng as much as 3 times a day after meals, children aged 10-15 years of drinking water to half of the ginseng adult and children under 10 years old to drink 1/4 of the adult.

Strong medicine (preferably boiled from the ground using pottery).
Way too young. First, Cook the dried ginseng 20-50 grams of water with 3 liters, 4 grams of ginger, dates are 15-20 grams (4 seed), omija 5-10 grams, jinpi 5-10 grams and glutinous rice 150 grams. This is done until the water is reduced up to 1 liter (if not possible, omija, jinpi and glutinous rice can be ignored). After that, the stew is filtered water with a clean cloth and squeezed. Well water can drinking those results with doses as follows. Adults can drink water this ginseng 3 times a day after meals, children aged 10-15 years of drinking water for as much as half of the ginseng dose for adults, and children under 10 years old to drink 1/4 of the adult dosage.

How To Consume Red Ginseng

Only for the short term treatment
The way is by boiling red ginseng 50-60 grams of water to 1,000 ml, together with the dates of 3 pieces, 3 grams of ginger to the water is reduced to 350 ml. this red ginseng drink water 2-3 times a day for the size of the adult dosage. Whereas, for children under 15 years of age could drink it as much as half of the adult dosage. (If this red ginseng drink water in a long period of time, then the effect will be better. Should this red ginseng drink water constantly to improve health).

To improve health
The same way, namely by boiling red ginseng 12-20 grams, along with 1,000 ml water, Palm seeds, ginger, 3 3 g until the water is reduced to 350 ml. this red ginseng drink water 2-3 times a day for adult sizes. As for children under 15 years of drinking half of the adult dosage. Same with short-term treatment recipes, the use of red ginseng has a good effect if taken continuously as a health drink.

How To Eat Ginseng Powder
Typically, powdered ginseng consumed along with the honey. Therefore, how to make a honey-ginseng is easier than making honey-ginseng moist. That is enough to put the powder into a bottle of ginseng have been filled with honey. Then stir with a spoon and cover it well. This ginseng-honey mixture could directly eaten as much of a tablespoon. Mix honey-ginseng can also be diluted with water and then drink. When love, may also be added ginseng wetlands intact.

Use Of Ginseng Dose
Dose is a measure of much-at least a drug that should be given to the patient by a doctor. A safe dose will give positive things for the patient because in accordance with the advice of health and healing function. So that the patient does not have the negative side effects of excess and stimulates the healing of disease. The difference is the case if the dose given in over the excess from the rulers ' alias anjurannya. Then the patient is not only not alleviated his illness, but it can lead to death due to an excess of chemical content of the drug that can damage organs and bodily functions. So no wonder when we often hear some people died due to excess medicine aka over dose.

This is where the value of the importance of paying attention to the dose in drug usage, ginseng was no exception. According to Ernst e. (2002), the recommended dose is ½ to 2 grams of dried ginseng root is equivalent to 200 to 600 mg of extract. This dose for daily use which nutshell. When you use for the long term should not exceed 1 gram of dry root. Moreover it is advisable for consumers to use the product quality due to the possibility of ginseng can be only slight doses of ginseng or any possibility of contamination.

Although already know how to use the recommended dose rate, but you also need to see the normal side effects of ginseng is. Because there are times when ginseng may also cause some side effects such as sleeplessness, diarrhea, vaginal bleeding, painful great head, disorders of the soul, and allergic reactions such as Steven Johnson Syndrome. According to Ernst, the incident is not known for sure but tends to be low. But you do not worry because it is rare, usually adjust body condition and health of the users.

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