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Ginseng Is Highly Potent Heal Disease Pulmonary Infections

Turns out the ginseng not only nutritious as vitality, but now it can be used as a medicine for patients with diseases of the lung infection. This certainly adds to the list of the new properties of the crop that has thousands of years of Chinese society of Korea and is believed to be the most potent traditional medicine. Especially scientifically, efficacy is not by the trust over the years.


Efficacy of ginseng as a remedy to cure the diseases of the lung infection was examined by Dr. Zhijun Song from Medical University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Song and his colleagues. Dr. Zhinjun reported that ginseng is very effective for the treatment of lung infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacterium that is commonly found in sufferers of lung disease cystic fibrosis.

According to Shinjun, the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa are very clever. Because it is able to withstand the attack of any antibiotic drugs. Through the treatment of the bacteria can turn out ginseng weakened. So as to prevent lung damage that's worse.

What was found by Shinjun are not mere findings without a scientific test. In accordance with scientific methodology, Shinjun and his colleagues have been testing it on a mouse. They inoculate the rats with bacterial Pseudeomonas, then experimentally inoculating with ginseng. In comparison to other rats injected with saline solution every day for a week. They found that the cleaning bacteria-bacteria in the lungs more quickly in mice are injected with a solution of ginseng. This certainly makes the condition of his lungs had improved rapidly.

In addition, in the research note that the granting of ginseng also increased cytokines, which are associated with an intermediate cell immunity, and lowered levels of cytokines associated with humoral or antibody intermediary. Sufferers of lung infections cystic fibrosis typically responsivity immune antibodies that cause immune substances stockpiling in the lungs. This is what causes lung damage.

Apparently, the efficacy of ginseng may alter the response. That certainly could increase heart function and healthy. Especially for sufferers of heart infections due to bacteria, the content in ginseng gradually can kill bacteria that have immunity from any remedy. So that ginseng does have content and an incredible amount of usefulness to mankind.

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