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Palm, The Miracle Tree Rich In Benefits

Did you know that Palm had such great benefits for our lives? The entire unit can be utilized for various purposes of human life. Start of leaf, stem, flower until the rootutilized by humans to meet the needs of everyday people.

Young leaves are used as wrappers ketupat and as raw material for traditional medicine. While older leaves can be woven and used as a roof. His tally counters can be used as a broom of tally. While the coconut trunks can be used as raw material forfurniture, furniture or building materials and the bridge. Its roots can be used as raw material for beer makers, makers of raw materials or intermediate colors.

In addition, the bauh consists of coconut fibres, fruit, meat and shell water is also usedalmost entirely. The water can be drunk as drinks freshness and health, or as a maker of nata de coco and soy sauce. Its fibers can be utilized as raw cord, plaited mats ,doormats, upholstery of the vehicle. Of the fiber will also be retrieved fiber mats (18%), fiber book (12%), and husk or bran (70%). Fiber mattresses used for filler materialupholstery, mattresses and filters. While the feather fibers are used for attitudecleaners brooms and a doormat. While the chaff/Cork is used for crop fertilizerpotassium or media.

Coconut shell is also still could be used again. Traditionally can be created as tit the water, bowls, or processed further into raw material for charcoal fuel, insect repellent, charcoal briquettes, and activated carbon. While the meat of the fruit can be consumeddirectly or as a seasoning, or squeezed into a coconut milk, dried and grated coconutcooking oil. In addition, coconuts can be processed into copra.  Copra when processedcan produce cooking oils, waxes, creams, esk or further processed into products such asaleokimia raw material of fatty acids, alcohol and glycerine.

In addition, liquid coconut molasses can be processed into coconut sugar. The newfruits grow Ketandan until the patient can be taken and erect yielded nira. NIRA isproduced as a beverage and Palm sugar. Each coconut trees there are 2 ketandan flowers, can be taken his nira to 35 days, and then will appear the new flower ketandan again. Therefore, the benefits are many for human needs, the coconut tree was laterdubbed the tree of life.

But the fear in the Palm trees are not up there. Coconut fruit has lots of nutrient content and nutrients that are very useful for health and beauty. As health, Palm trees (fruit, water, oil and others) can be used to treat a variety of ailments. Such as curingpoison, helping the healing time of dengue fever, healthy pregnant women, the healthof the rich coconut oil, help cleanse the digestive tract, helping to solve and take out the kidney stones, help to improve blood circulation, cure disease, chikungunya, helps the immune system of the body, removes hangover, contain no cholesterol and fat  are dangerous, into drinks isotonik, addressing cases of cholera, helps preventosteoporosis, help control diabetes, prevent the growth of mycoplasma, and helped kill the parasite giardia lamblia.

While the fruit, water, oil, root of Palm trees can also be used as medical herb of various kinds of diseases. More than that, the herb can also be utilized as a remedy for beauty treatments. Which can moisturize the skin, eliminates dandruff, overcoming the fragile nails, eliminate acne, remove wrinkles on the face, prevent gray hair on the head,increase sexual desire, smoothes chapped heels, elbows and knees that disguise theblack. Because it is so big and so many benefits of coconut trees for human life, then it is not wrong if one tree is referred to as the miracle tree. [herbal doctor]

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