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The easy way to Eliminate dandruff and acne with coconut water

Dandruff and acne are the two disorders that often afflict us all, especially the young. Dandruff and acne very disturbing beauty and appearance of a person's confidence. If it is not resolved, then someone can be bothered her to trust him. To resolve this, you can use coconut water as a drug herbalnya. How do I make and explanation?

Eliminates Dandruff
Dandruff is excessive flaking of dead skin on the scalp. Skin cells that die and are a natural occurrence that flaky is normal when it peels the amount slightly. Nevertheless, there are people who experience continuously (chronic or once in a while, a large amount of exfoliation followed by milking and irritation).

When you are having dandruff, excess head scratching should be avoided. Because it can lead to skin damage, which can further increase the risk of infection. Most notably from bacteria staphyloccus aureus and streptococcus. Although this bacterial infection is the greatest risk of dandruff, most people will find that dandruff can lead to loss of social confidence issues for patients.

Therefore, dandruff is indeed very disturbing and soon to be destroyed. For it is not just a diminishes the beauty of hair, dander also makes scalp itch. As a result the scalp laceration and reduce elegance if at any time must be scratching their heads. But don't worry, this can be corrected with a concoction of coconut fruit. Coconut water contains tannins, is anti-bacterial and vitamin C which can eliminate dandruff. Combined with pineapple and lemon, this herb has become more perfect.

How do I make it?
• 1 piece of coconut which is old.
• 1 pineapple fruit to taste.
• 1-3 pieces of lime juice to taste.
Here's How:
Take half a grain old coconut and pineapple quarter mengkal. Then grate them and take water. Add the juice of one lime and one half a glass of coconut water to evenly, leave it on for 15 minutes. If you have already prepared the potion ready for use. Do I simply used for shampooing once a week each. If you want simple, coconut concoctions actually was enough. But select coconut milk made with thick. Then made shampooing and let stand for about 15 minutes. After that, rinse until clean, good with SOAP and shampoo.

Coping With Acne
Nearly everyone has or is experiencing acne. Thus, acne for many people is a problem which is annoying. Moreover, coupled with the effect that double health, medically and psychologically. Medically, it is indeed physically interfere with health. A person who experiences pimples are usually identified with the unhealthy condition of the body, the blood is dirty and shit. It appears that the person is less clean face from dirt. Moreover, if jerawatnya is growing a lot, then it can lead to the second problem, namely the psychological disorders.

Acne psychologically can cause psychiatric effects on a person. Usually it is a crisis of confidence (confidence) or minder and can even lead to depression. Therefore, it is not wrong if the acne is one of the main enemies of the teens for her confidence. So the pimple should be eradicated. Lots of ways to do it, one of them the traditional way concoction of coconut fruit.

How do I make it?
• 1 glass of coconut water.
• 25 g of turmeric paste.
• Red sandalwood powder Tea.
• The Sieve.
• Gauze.
• Bottle.
Here's How:
Prepare a glass of coconut water mix with 25 grams of turmeric paste, leave it overnight. The next day, add the herb into three teaspoons of red sandalwood powder. Stir until evenly distributed. Save for three days. Thereafter, strain the herb using muslin. Save water the juice in the bottle. Apply the herb on breakouts, face twice daily until acne disappear.

In addition, as a treatment to eliminate the excess oil can also be done. As we know, the excess oil is one of the conditions that make acne fertile. The production of excess oil on the face to make a quick makeup smudging. In addition to this oily skin also made an appearance to be shabby. Well, the coconut meat can also be used to reduce oil production in the skin of the face.

The way is, take one grated coconut and fruit. Add a little water to grated coconut into a pulp. Then, paste it on the entire face, except for the eye area. For the eyes, attach sliced cucumber. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Clean the grated coconut and rinse with cold water. [dh]

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