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Dates as Miraculous Health Fruit of the prophets

The dates have been known since ancient times as a fruit with tremendous healthbenefits. Not wrong if the prophets health fruit has many health benefits as havingexamined by health experts, this fruit has a remarkable nutrient content. What are theproperties and the content of the fruit of the date palm which proved scientific can helpyour health?

The dates have a high potassium content. According to Professor Institute of agriculture (IPB) Bandung, Prof Dr Ir Ali Khomsan, MS, this highly profitable content ofthe heart and blood vessels. The pulse became increasingly disorganized and acontraction of the muscles so that helps stabilize blood pressure. It's just that, a highpotassium levels are not offset by high levels of salt (sodium). So for those who havehigh blood pressure (hypertension) is not suitable for eating dates. Moreover, ifmengonsumsinya is over heating.

Potassium is also able to make us avoid the stiff muscles. In addition there is also apotassium potassium high. As we know, potassium has benefits to control blood pressure, therapy for those with high blood pressure, cleans the carbon dioxide in the blood and muscle work and trigger the knot of nerves. Astringent tannins that are high on the Palm can be used as anti diarrhea.

Dates can also be used as a cure the flu, strep throat, overcoming a hangover as well asincrease the platelets in the blood for those affected by dengue fever. This last specialcan be done by means of memblender 500 g of dates that have been thrown out of her skin. Then mix with five glasses of plain water until smooth. The result of theblenderan drink as much as one glass each hour during the day.

Prof. Ali Khomsan also acknowledged that dates contain nutrients that are useful to the body. At least the sugar (glucose) into main components and compositions that reach 50 percent of the entire content of the fruit. He also said, the ingredient is bigger thanother fruits, which only reached 20-30 per cent only. On dates still mushy (overcookedon the tree and not dried) the sugar content of about 60 percent. While the dates that have been dried ingredient is quite high, around 70 percent. The content of sugar inthe Palm has a bad absorption, about 45-50 minutes until the time for processing thenutrients being channeled into the blood to be quite long.

The fruit of the desert also contains various vitamins are needed by the body. Vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin, iron, B vitamins are in the fruit of the date palm. Riboflavin andniacin, for example, will help release energy from food, while thiamin helps release energy from carbohydrates. Vitamin A and niacin plays a role in forming and maintaining healthy skin. Thiamin is essential for nerve cells, while keeping the normalfunction of nerves niacin. The mineral also found in very many dates.

Magnesium and potassium at least are in a sufficient amount of reliable performance to help the body better. In addition, contained are also fibres as well as other fruit. Thesefibers can make digestion be good. The content of the dates makes the intestinebecome soft and activate it so naturally someone could easily defecate.

More details, here is the content of the fruit of the date palm and its benefits for healthaccording to some research.

  1.  Between (dried dates) serves to strengthen the intestinal cells and help launch theurethra (by way of merebusnya), because it contains the axons of the fibers is in charge of controlling the rate of bowel movement and strengthen the womb when giving birth. This is based on recent research suggesting that a wet Palm (ruthab) has theeffect of controlling the rate of uterine and adds the motion systolenya (contraction ofthe heart when it is pumped into the artery).
  2.   wet the Palm (ruthab) also prevents the occurrence of bleeding in women during childbirth and speed up the return of the position of the uterus as they are. This is due to the presence of the hormone oxytocine. Well, in the dates there is a hormone that is similar to the hormone oxytocin which helps the process of birth. Where the hormoneis produced neurohipofisa that works to stimulate contraction of the smooth musclewall of the uterus during coitus and giving birth. After childbirth, the hormone oxytocinis also beneficial to dry out the uterus, increases contraction of her muscles are terajutto each other.
  3.  can soothe nerve cells through its influence on the goiter.
  4.  fruit of the date palm can prevent strokes, because it contains elements of the highpotassium is needed to set the pulse of the heart, activating muscle contractions andhelps to regulate blood pressure. The researchers made the postulates only eating onetype of extra potassium (a minimum of 400 mg/day) can decrease the risk of stroke up to 40%. That means eating dried dates equal to about 65 grams of course or the equivalent of five grains of dates.
  5.  the date palm also contains salicylate is known as raw material for the drug aspirin,pain relief and fever, and can affect the prostate gland (hydroxide, fatty acid groupsthat stimulates muscle contraction, lowers blood pressure).
  6. Palm Fruit contains many substances which neutralize the acid, mineral salts, such ascalcium and potassium. He left the rest of that is able to neutralize the acid after beingchewed and digested incurred due to consuming lean protein such as fish and eggs.
  7. Palm Fruit contains vitamin A which is good where it can maintain moisture andsharp eyes, strengthened vision, bone growth, fat metabolism, immunity to infection,healthy skin and soothes the nerve cells.
  8. the date palm in Resurrecting the softness of men. Really great benefits of the hormone oxytocin which is obtained from the date palm. This is very beneficialhormones that soften the heart and feelings, give rise to the nature of love, and itappears to be natural, not contrived.
  9. can set the hormone estrogen. It is well known the existence of other elementswithin the dates of composition and its function is very similar to the hormoneestrogen. Among the functions of these hormones include: functions of bones, skin,breast, uterus, hormone FSH stimulates fruit bag pelir (scrotum), producing a yellowbody (corpus luteum) LH in ovarian that hangs on large ligaments, the balance of ionsand minerals in the body, the menstrual cycle, the distribution of fat in the body, insulin production, sperm production in men.
That's the magical efficacy fruit of the prophets as the fruit is rich in beneficial for health. [herbal doctor]

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