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Secrets of the vitality of Chinese ancestry are present on the Ginseng

Have you ever imagine why people in countries like China, Korea and Japan strong-strong. Though physically they have shorter posture when compared to the us. It turns out the secrets of his strength on ginseng.


The population of the country has been known for a long time have excellent body vitality. Both the vitality that is generally understood as a membaut Energy Agency and a strong mind, and vitality that is understood in particular. Let alone if it wasn't sexual vitality.

Well it turns out, one of the mystery men in the country was ginseng. In their daily lives take ginseng extract which are formulated in the form of an assortment of products, herbal extracts, tonics since, even toothpaste, cakes ginseng ginseng, ginseng shampoo included. So it is reasonable if the vitality of the people in this country strong-strong. Even if we refer to the performance of their sportsmen that boast. Can winning in almost all areas of the sport. But biologically, their posture is secure if compared with those of Indonesia, let alone Europe. But Lo and behold, the vitality of their sport very prima-tanding primed and ready.

A traditional Chinese doctor today said that one of his patients had told him the drugs China cannot compete with traditional medicine drug today. Some prescription medications have dozens of herbs in it, while many of the traditional Chinese medicine prescription, such as Ginseng, has only one ingredient.

A translator this few years felt his body frail and lacking energy, even been to stage the difficulty speaking. He has a lot of consuming drugs but does not appear to have increased. He then went to a traditional Chinese doctor told her to put a piece of ginseng in his mouth. Only then, the symptoms then disappear. Why is another herb that consists of a bibliography of materials can't match the efficacy of ginseng piece?.

According to the father of the classical herbal medicine of Shen Nong, ginseng is nature, "a sweet and somewhat cold, either to important organs". Modern science can analyze traditional Chinese medicinal materials, but still do not understand its true essence. In fact, the essence and substance of traditional Chinese medicine is not separable. The essence of the subject of traditional Chinese medicine-related nature of Yin (cool, cool) and Yang (warm, heat). Every sense is then classified according to the nature and functions. For example, the sweetness can wipe out the dirty blood, improves blood circulation, and increases vital energy.

Efficacy of ginseng as a stamina booster, I think the most perceived so far and most famous. Included in it as a booster for the men's vitality vitality is part of stamina. About scientific research, it does need more explanation I quoted at the beginning. That is, in 1969, Brehman, scientists from the former Soviet Union (now Russia) to find the results that the Soviet army that consuming ginseng is able to run faster than not eat ginseng. This proves that indeed as ginseng herb boost stamina.

This also applies to now, other than as a medicine ginseng used for those who are hard-working, even on sports athletes. Sports athletes from Asia, especially China, Korea and Japan continue to consume this herb as a stamina Enhancer. So if we watch carefully, they played sports with the vigorous and unyielding. But physically, the posture they arguably inferior to us.

Specifically in China, the country does have the traditional method and simple way of using ginseng. A piece of dried roots can be kept in the pocket of an individual over his lifetime. When require energy supply, whether due to illness, fatigue, or when life is reduced, the roots are removed and a small portion of chewed or cooked with a pot of tea to vitality back. Then the rest of the roots of ginseng is left stored in the back pocket until required. Therein lies the greatest benefit ginseng as a short-term energy generators.

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