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Wow, The Camel Milk Content Turns Out To Be Similar To Mother's Milk

Do you know why the camel milk has tremendous benefits for health? It turns out the answer, the camel's milk is very similar to a mother's milk. So it's reasonable if the camel milk is one of the best animal milk can treat a variety of diseases and safeguardyour health. What is the content that makes it similar to these?

 This as resulting from the research of Prof. Yigael Riufin while working at the University of Ben Gorbon, lived in Israel Seven Wells. He joined a group of doctors who discussabout the benefits of milk of camels. In the study concludes that the number of Yigaelexisting content on camel's milk is similar to the number of maternal milk content, more than with the amount of content of cow's milk.

Yigael found that camel milk does not contain lactose, sugar, and fat. Camel milkcontains more vitamin C, calcium, and zink, which renders its content according to theneeds of infants who do not suckle to his mother. In addition, camel milk is rich inprotein and immune substances that are perfectly suited for those who are not fluentin his digestive tract.

In addition, Yigael and his team argue that camel milk contains elements which kill germs. Therefore particularly suitable for those who are conducting the process ofwound healing, and help those who suffer from disorders of the stomach or abdomen.Camel milk is also suitable for those who suffer from asthma and those who want toease stomach ailments such as nausea. Camel milk is recommended for those who suffer from diabetes and gastrointestinal disorders.

From the results of such research, Yigael then encourage those suffering from illness allover to drink camel's milk by as much as two glasses in one day and supplemented as needed. Yigael and his team continue to collect research data on the content andusefulness of the camel milk for health. So far they have been setting up fields forgrazing camels and the pasture to get camel milk production.

In addition to the Yidael research, a number of other studies in the laboratory showed that there are some potential remedies contained in milk of camels. For example, a protein contained in milk of camels that lactoferrin (even simply applied ten times higher compared to cow milk has properties as an antivirus and anti bacterial).Although the function of lactoferrin as a whole is not yet known, but it is known toimprove the functioning of the immune system, either directly or indirectly.

Fermented camel's milk has also been shown to be effective against the pathogenbacillus, salmonella, staphylococcus, and escherchia. Camel milk is very rich in vitamin c.vitamin C in milk of camels are generally two-fold compared to the present in cow's milk. His vitamin C ranged from 5.7-9.8 mg. camel Colostrum is rich in IgG(immunoglobulin G) and serum albumin. Camel milk contains an amino acid such asarginine, alanin, aspargin, glycin, glutamine, lysine, isoleucine, histidin, methionin,phenylalanine, PROLINE, serine, and others. Camel milk is also known to mineral-richchloride.

In parts of Russia, Kazakhstan and India, camel milk is prescribed for hospital patientsas recovery from the disease of tuberkolusis and diabetes. It is based on a researchever undertaken on 20 people infected with Tuberculosis in Libya. People were splitinto two research groups. Patients in the group "A" rated pasteurized fresh milk of camels while the "B" group given cow's milk. Patients in the group "A" shows adecrease in the number of mycobacterium tuberculosis at the end of the first week ofadmission, while the "B" group decreased the number of mycobacteriumnya in the second week. The experiment ever undertaken in India, patients with tuberculosis are given supplements of milk of camels. The result of such patients do not experiencecoughing phlegm, shortness of breath or chest pain. In other studies obtained that a patient's appetite increases.

That's incredible-camel milk content similar to a mother's milk. By looking at the substance, then it's reasonable if the camel milk was one of health drink of people of the Middle East, particularly the Arabs. Camel milk deserves to be drinks health and healing some diseases you. Want to try? [herbal doctor]

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