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The hidden Health secrets from Camel Milk

Camel milk is apparently harboring a hidden health secrets during this time. Not only delicious, but turned out to have an outstanding nutrient for health. You're not wrong if entrust your health to milk a camel with a mengonsumsinya on a regular basis.According to research results, camel's milk has a lot of nutrient content and beneficial to health.

The experts have done research related to camel milk since the last quarter of the 20th century. They do research on hundreds of camels of different types. The researchersnoted the number of milk milked in a day, milk is milked after childbirth, as well as the existing content in milk of camels. After conducting a variety of research, experts found that camel milk is considered to be the basic elements to improve human nutrition,both in terms of quality and quantity.

Camel milk content primarily depends on the frequency of perahan, age camel, number of children, the number and type of food provided and the amount of water taken him.Camel milk is considered milk with alkaline substances (chemical substances thatneutralize acid) is high, but it quickly turned into a sour if left a few times andmagnitudes of his change of ph 6.5-6.7 to be even higher. This is due to the increase oflactic acid in the milk of camels, which were originally 3% within two hours of the juicebecomes 14% after six hours duration.

Water levels in the milk of camels have also changed from 84% to 90%. The fat contentlow enough that only 5.4%. Have a protein content of 3%, sugar levels 3.4% as well asother material that levels of iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium0,7%. This content will be different depending on the type of camels and camel feed and drink. The fat content in milk of camels is lower compared with Buffalo's milk fat content, namely 40,9% to 31.6%. Fat on the milk of camels join protein, so it will bedifficult to separate in the usual way as done in other milk-milk.

In addition, the fatty acid content in milk of camels have a shorter process than withother milk. Camel's milk has more of the fatty acid composition of substance are easy to inflate, particularly linolenic fatty acid substances and a range of very vital for humannutrition, especially those suffering from heart disease. Even cholesterol levels on camelmilk was lower contents compared to cow's milk, and about 40% protein casein oncamel's milk is generally reached 70%. So this proves that camel milk is suitable for consumption as a health drink.

In addition to the content, the camel milk also have vitamin C with levels three times more compared to cow's milk. This amount will continue to grow if the camels were given feed grass that is rich in vitamins. Vitamin B1 and B2 camel milk available more than milk sheep. Similarly with vitamin A and beta-carotene that is available is sufficient for health.

Thus it is clear that camel's milk has a very special nutrient content. This makes milk ismilk which can be categorized as very beneficial for human health.

That's the hidden health secrets of sus camels. [herbal doctor]

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