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The chemical content of the jellyfish and its benefits for health

Undur-undur (Myrmeleontidae) contain chemicals that are good for the health of somany used as a cure various diseases by humans. Both jellyfish that exist on the ground or that is life in the sea. Although in practice, the jellyfish army more often used as a herbal medicine for health. The reasoning is due to the ease in getting it, wheremany army of jellyfish live around the grounds of the House. In addition, Lions Lionsland has a very powerful special content to treat the disease. What is the housing?

In the body of the Ant-Ant army contain a sulfonylurea. The substance of thissulfonylurea can launch a working pancreas in producing insulin. Based on the researchof known Tyas Kurniasih from GADJAH MADA UNIVERSITY Yogyakarta entitled study of a potential Lions Lions Land (Mrymeleon, sp) in 2006, these animals contain asulfonylurea. Work at sulfonylurea undur-undur launches a working pancreas wasproducing insulin. Because, when the human insulin in the body decreases whileincreased blood glucose levels, the imbalance occurs. In which insulin-producing energyas the body continues to diminish. As a result, the body susceptible to disease. The content of these substances are the most forgiving to address diabetes.

While at undur-undur (Emierita sp), research results Mursyidin dkk. (2003) showed that the Lions-Lions contains a fairly high total fat ranged from 17,22-21,56%. The content of total omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) is also quite high, ranging from7.75-14.48% compared to some other types of Crustaceae like shrimp, lobster, and some kind of crab. While the EPA (8.43 percent) 6.41-higher than the content of DHA (1.34-6.57 percent). Total omega 6 fatty acid content of his 12,94% consists of 11.11%linoleic acid and arakhidonat acid 1,83%, omega 6 fatty acid levels are higher thanEmerita talpoida.

Based on the results of such research, then the Lions Lions can be consumed directlyby the people. However it is reasonably need more research about the nutritionalcontent of others, such as minerals, proteins, and others. Also regarding the content ofharmful compounds such as heavy metals and toxins naturally.

However, in practice the Lions Lions had long been famous as one of the herbal remedy. Among the most potent disease eradicated by undur-undur is diabetes.According to Penny (1997), small animals that can be found around the home-page of that powerful sand lowers blood sugar. Undur-undur has the latin name MrymeleonSP. Was berkasiat lower the blood sugar levels of diabetics. It is also reinforced by astudy conducted from GADJAH MADA UNIVERSITY Yogyakarta Kurniasih Tyas (2006),in which these animals contain a sulfonylurea. As written before, the substance can curediabetes.

Penny even revealed that lions lions have long been known to the Chinese communityfor the treatment of diabetes. Typically, undur-undur crude placed into capsules ormixed with other herbal ingredients and then swallowed. How alternative medicine isnow starting to prey for diabetic patients, because of more affordable by the community. It is not easy to die even if it had been sent out of town. In the closedcondition placed plastic, undur-undur lingers origin there is sand and ants. However, ifexposed to water kasiatnya will be lost. In addition, undur-undur also should not be eaten in a State of death. Jikan feel disgust, patients can enter into empty capsules and then eaten with encouragement of water.

What are the side effects if you take this animal is excessive or over dose?
Because it contains a sulfonylurea, then there are the side effects of these substances individually to the patient's body. According to Sampurno (2003), side effects are generally mild and low frequency, which are symptoms of indigestion, channels such asnausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Channel interference can be reduced by reducing the cernadose, swallowed the medicine with food or medicine divides in several doses. Hematologik symptoms include thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, anemia andagrunolositosis aplastik can occur but are rare.

Hipoglikemi may occur if the dose is not appropriate or too strict diet, as well as on the liver function disorders/kidney or in the elderly. Hypoglycemia often posed by old workADO, even to a comma. This reaction is more common in elderly patients with impairedrenal function or hepar, mainly using material with a long working period. In addition, there is an arrangement of the central nervous symptoms can be confused, vertigo,ataxia, etc. Hypoglycemia can occur in patients who do not get the dosage just right,not eating enough or with impaired function of hepar and/or kidneys.

Thus, undur-undur has a nice chemical content to treat disease diab. [herbal doctor]

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