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Want to Avoid Stroke, Diligent Consuming Dates

The fruit of the date palm is very magically to prevent You from attack stroke. This is because the dates contain lots of potassium are very beneficial to the health of theheart and blood vessels. Potassium serves to stabilize the heart rate, activates muscle contraction-heart muscle, as well as regulate blood pressure. Therefore, potassium is very effective for preventing stroke attack. In other words, the content of many foodskaliumnya, i.e. a minimum of 400 mg per 100 g, can reduce Your risk of stroke.

Some of the research conducted by the nutrition experts proved that potassium can lower the risk of stroke. Among the few studies that prove the opinion was a study done in Northern California, United States on the eating patterns of 859 respondentsaged 50 years and over. The results of the research show that people who consumemore potassium (although only with a small concentration differences) have a risk of developing stroke 12 years lower.

So instead, people who consume low-risk kaliumnya stroke higher, with odds of deathabout 2.6 times in men and 4.8 times in women. The researchers eventually concludes that with an extra one kind of eating foods rich in potassium (with a count of at least400 mg per day, for example dates by as much as 5 rounds), the risk of fatal stroke can drop by up to 40%. Wonderful isn't it?

Even the research did find that small differences in the concentration of potassium in the diet can lower the risk of stroke up to age 12 years later. Other studies have also suggested that potassium intake reached someone with 3,500 g per day have a lowerrisk for death due to stroke. In contrast, people who regularly consume the mostpotassium is low (less than 1,950 g per day) had a stroke risk is greater.

According to an expert on hypertension of the University in Minnesota, USA, Dr. LouisTobian, Jr. said that foods high in potassium can stabilize blood pressure which will prevent the risk of a stroke. Theoretically, he explained that potassium plays a role in keeping the walls of the arteries in order to remain elastic and optimize its functions so that it is not easily damaged by high blood pressure. With decreased risk of stroke, the activity of potassium will also play a role in preventing heart disease that was essentially relate to the optimalitas function of the blood vessels.

The content of salicylic acid in the date palm also helps the stability of the blood vessels. Salicylic acid has a function similar to the effect brought about aspirin or painreducer drug that is widely used in stroke sufferers. Where the functions of aspirin can prevent blood clotting and control hypertension. It is also influential for the levels ofprostaglandins that are contributing to the process of blood pressure.

Consuming dates on a regular basis have been shown to prevent strokes and heart attacks. Based on this, health experts concluded that low doses in the consumption of foods containing high salsilat acid such as dates will also provide a function that ismore or less the same with aspirin on stroke prevention. Remember, the stroke is adeadly disease that until recently difficult to be cured when it is stricken. If you've got avery small, then your expectations to be able to live longer.

The only way that we can travel is to do prevention or preventive efforts. And one ofthe best prevention efforts to attack diseases stroke is dates. Diligently eating the fruit of the date Palm or Palm orderly Hawk sari every day, then you will be spared from theattack of a sudden stroke. So start eating dates since yesterday. [herbal doctor]

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