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Wonderful, Undur-Undur Effectively Treat Diabetes

Undur-Undur (Myrmeleontidae) potent to quell cures the disease of diabetes. SocietyIslands Karimun Java has long been utilizing this small animals as a drug for diabeticswith bananas as its alloy. Even the drug store owner Wan Fu Dang in cottonKrampung, Surabaya, Indonesia, Koh Eddy, recognizes Lions lions have long beenknown to the Chinese community for the treatment of diabetes. Typically, undur-undurcrude put into capsules or mixed with other herbal ingredients and then swallowed.How alternative medicine is now starting to prey for diabetic patients.

In fact, already brought in Eddy Koh-gu-niu (undur-undur land in Mandarin) fromChina in two years ago. However, it was less in Surabaya diabetics respond. Consumers who buy nothing because it might not yet know which. Although already usedhereditary but there is no scientific evidence about potential Ant ndur in loweringblood glucose levels. Therefore the initial research needs to be done in order to removethe potential introduction of Lions as lowering blood sugar levels that may eventuallybe turned into natural medicine. Even the Chairman of the Association of Specialistdisease in Indonesia (PAPDI) Aru w. Sudoyo not recommend undur-undur as therapy.

But you don't have to worry about with this because there are two scientific facts thatcorroborate that lions Lions can be used as anti diabetic drugs. First, many peopleattest to and trust the efficacy of this little animal health as a therapy for diabetes. It is already recognized by the nation's hereditary China. Second, the scientific researchconducted by Tyas Kurniasih, et al. (2006) entitled study of a potential Lions Lionslandline (Myrmeleon spp.) As Anti Diabetic.

Therefore, as proof, I again reviewed the research results from the Tyas. The researchaims to know the Tyas ability juice undur-undur, bananas and mixture of the two in lowering blood glucose levels of white rat (Rattus norvegicus l.) male hiperglikemik.Research conducted with complete random design using 30 white rats wistar strainmale age 2-2.5 months with weight 150-250 g, divided into 6 groups: Group 1 normal and 5 group grants aloksan hiperglikemik with 125 mg/kg rat body weight.

Treatment of juice undur-undur dose of 0.01 ml/200 g bb rats, juice of pisang ambon1.26 ml/dose 200 g bb rats, Lions Lions mix + banana Ambon with the same doseswith the first and second treatment, as well as aqueous glibenklamida 0,378 mg/dose200 g bb rats (as a positive control) during the 35-day orally. Blood glucose levels are measured every 7 days until day 35 with spectrophotometry method. The dataobtained were analyzed using ANOVA and test LSD on level 95% confidence. Overall,the results of the study showed that giving juice undur-undur able to decreasesignificantly (p < 0.05) blood glucose levels of the rat hiperglikemik after 14 days of treatment.

Why is this so? According to research William (2003), undur-undur very function asanti diabetes because it contains a sulfonylurea. The substance of this sulfonylurealaunched a working pancreas in producing insulin because when insulin in the human body declines while blood glucose levels a few days increase, then there will be an imbalance, in which insulin-producing energy as the body has been reduced so that the body will be more susceptible to disease.

Sulfonylurea in Ant lions are the same substance with a sulfonylurea as long as it is used in the remedy DM BREW. Undur-undur with his turns to sulfonylurea can treatDM with the same way of working with DM drug ever. Antidiabetik in the form of an oral Sulfonylurea only suitable to treat type 2 DM because the pancreas workimproving the way it works in secrete insulin, whereas in patients with type 1 DM, his pancreas is unable to produce insulin permanently.

In people with type 2 DM, abnormal conditions there are three that might have. First;an absolute deficiency of insulin secretion of the hormone insulin in the sense ofdiminishing because of the damage to the beta cells of the pancreas. Second; the relative lack of insulin insulin secretion which is not sufficient due to increased metabolic needs (e.g. in patients who are overweight). Third, resistant to insulin andinsulin because the use of peripheral hiperinsulinemia a less than perfect.

The role of the substance found in the Ant-Ant is also corroborated by the Siswandono and Sukarjo (1995). According to him, sulfonylurea derivatives can stimulate pancreaticinsulin production, lowering the endogenous insulin infusion to the liver and suppressendogenous insulin production directly to the liver and suppress glucagon directly. Allthe drugs are oral sulfonylurea antidiabetik. Here's scientific proof that the contentcontained in the animal Ant Ant has efficacy to cope with diabetes.

So you need not worry any more small animal medicine from wearing it. However, FemiDwi Aldini, et al. (2010) special advise for anyone who wish to consume these animal sas a remedy. Because of the results of the research there is influence significant between Lions-lions with the onset of cell damage in the tissues of hepar, then is expected to be cautious in their use in therapy, especially for patients with liver disease.In addition, further research needs to be done about side effects, both short term and long term therapy with Lions, this, in order to better known security the use oftype 2 DM patients. [herbal doktor]

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