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Want Your Brain Healthy, Be diligent Consuming Dates

Dates turn out to have tremendous benefits for the health of your brain. Diligentlytaking dates, then the health of your brain will awake from the things that you don't want, such as dizziness, headaches, eye or have low vision, and more. See which high, then it's reasonable if the fruit of the date palm is often consumed the people of the Middle East. What is contained in the fruit of the date Palm so it is very beneficial to the health of the brain?

Dates contain a lot of minerals that are needed by the body. Useful related content ofbrain health is in iron, magnesium and potassium. Iron is a potent substance tocounteract anemia. Anemia is a shortage of the blood characterized by fatigue, dizziness, or have low vision as well as view difficult to concentrate. While magnesium is useful to help the function of nerves and muscles, including the heart rhythmarrangements to keep normal beats. While potassium is beneficial to convert glucoseinto glycogen in the date palm as a source of energy. Potassium also AIDS the storageof carbohydrates needed muscle as its fuel.

The nutritional content of third very related to the working of the brain. Because the mineral was instrumental in helping the digestive system and work impulses andmuscle contraction. So that the amount of potassium that can pump enough sodiumexcess in cardiovascular system working so it can walk normally. Therefore, potassium-deficient person will feel the complaints on bones and muscles and may causetemporary amnesia that is followed by a sense of anxious and confused. By consumingthe kaliumnya Palm pollen 666 mg of 100 grams of fruit of the date palm, thenpotassium intake can help to the body. Natriumnya is 1 mg, so the ratio of potassiumto sodium is 666: 1.

Sodium is one of the elements that are desperately needed by the brain. Because the brain has response is sensitive to any change in the sodium in the blood. If the bloodnatriumnya turned out to be a little more, then the person will be stricken with somehealth symptoms that result in a decrease in consciousness. The symptoms of suchhealth problems which are rather deep asleep but easy once awakened or are awakened, but it would be easy to sleep again. Other disorders if someone lackedsodium intake in the blood is experiencing muscle stiffness and can result in seizures.But on the contrary, if someone has a lot of sodium intake in the blood, then that person will not be a quick thirst.

On the other hand, a high potassium content can also facilitate the delivery of oxygento the brain and helps smoothen the body's fluid balance. Thus, consuming juice of dates on a regular basis each day can nourish the brain from health disturbances. As acomplementary food brain or intelligence work, then eat the fruit of the date palm issomething that is highly recommended for you. So, if you want your brain healthy and strong he thought power, then diligently eating the fruit of the date palm. [herbaldoctor]

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